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2023 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

2022 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

Islam is The way to live. The rules and regulations of Islam exist in all aspects of human life. As a result, these rules exist in every work carried out daily. One of these essential aspects of life is learning the Quran online or offline. 

It is a unique manner of realizing the rights and duties, especially for women. Quran Learning for females is no less important than for males. But there are some rules that women must abide by for their exceptional circumstances, such as learning Quran during period time.

So this article is just for you, lady!

Women During Period

Due to the fact that women during their period are in a ritually impure state according to the Islamic laws. You need to know how to pass your period correctly when you are Read Quran on Your Period.

We will answer your questions, remove your worries, search for your needs, and know all special rulings related to Quran. Don’t feel limited during your period when you are unable to perform the prayer (salaat). Let’s see what you can do about your relationship with Quran over the next few days.

We will start with the questions which have always preoccupied your mind. There are a couple of Islamic laws about learning, touching, and reciting the Quran during your period.

Can you learn Quran while on your period?

Yes, Muslim women can learn the Qur’an easily during their period, but there are certain conditions that they must go through:

  • You shouldn’t enter a mosque to study the Quran, for, in this case, you may think of learning Quran online with a female tutor.
  • You are not supposed to directly touch a Mushaf until your period stops. Use any cover on your hand like socks or gloves, and so on. You can also read the Quran from your phone. That’s the opinion of several modern muftis.

While, If you want to learn the Quran online during your period, it is possible without conditions, of course.

, 2023 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

, 2023 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

Can you read (recite) or touch Quran while on your period?

You can recite the Quran directly during your period without touching the mushaf. It is legally allowed to recite the Quran from your memory without touching the Mashaf directly and while holding the mushaf with a gloves. 

For example;

  • You can recite a memorized surah or learn how to memorize the Quran.
  • In addition, you can teach and hear the Reciting Quran During Menstruation.

Although some scholars believe that women are not allowed to touch or Reciting Quran During Menstruation and in a state of impurity, the evidence could not support them.

Is Women’s Period Spritualy and Religiously Embarrassing In Islam?

Absolutely not. Muslim women should not feel shame about their period. Here are three beautiful examples to show how the Prophet (PBUH) interacted with his wives during the period: 

  • Aisha (Allah be pleased with her) said, “The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) would recline on my lap while I was menstruating, and he would read the Quran.” [Bukhari]
  • Aisha (ra) also narrated, “I would drink while menstruating, then pass the vessel to the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace). He would place his mouth on the (same) place as my mouth and drink….” [Muslim]
  • In another instance, Aisha (Allah be pleased with her) said, “The Messenger of God (Allah bless him and give him peace) said to me, ‘Get me the prayer mat from the prayer area.’ I replied, ‘I am menstruating.’ He said, ‘Verily, your menstruation is not in your hand.’ [Muslim]

IT strictly demonstrates that women are not impure; generally, they are rather ritually restricted from certain worships due to their ritual impurity status, without being in itself impure.

What Worships Women Can’t Do During Their Period In Islam? Few!

Durning female Muslims’ period, there are some attitudes that they are not supposed to do. They are the following: 

1. You aren’t supposed to perform some types of worship

Menstruating women are relieved from praying throughout their period and are also not expected to redo them after purification. They are also temporarily relieved from fasting in Ramadan, as they are expected to fast the missed days after purification. The same thing for Tawaf around the Kabaa, and they are allowed to perform all hajj practices without doing the tawaf.

2. You can’t stay in the praying area in the Masjid.

According to the hadith of Umm’ Atiyyah (may Allah be pleased with her), who said she heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say:

 “Let the girls who have attained puberty, women in seclusion, and menstruating women go out – i.e., to the Eid prayer.” In this hadeeth, it says: “But let the menstruating women avoid the prayer place.” Agreed upon. 

So, you are not expected to stay in the mosque’s praying area (Musala) Touching and Reciting Quran during Menses, and you are free to be in any place other than the praying area (musala).

3. You can’t have sexual intercourse with your husband.

According to the following verse: “They ask you about menstruation. Say: ‘It is an unclean condition’ so keep aloof from women during menstruation, and do not draw near to them until they are cleansed.” [Quran 2: 222-223]

So, sexual intercourse Touching and Reciting Quran during Menses is prohibited, and it is also unhealthy.

4. Touching the Quran Directly (You can continue learning Quran During Period):

As we elaborated above, menstruating women touch the mushaf directly. However, they are allowed to learn the Quran during the period while covering tha hands with something like gloves, reciting by memory, listening to recorded recitation, attending Quran Classes online, reading through their smartphone, and more.

, 2023 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

, 2023 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

What Worships Can Women Perform During Their Period In Islam? A lot!

Don’t worry! Although the presence of these limitations, you can keep your spirituality throughout your period at a higher level.

Every woman is special, just like her period. The periods may vary from 3 to 10 days per woman. So, you can detect your time to prepare a suitable schedule. You can make yourself connected to worship during this time through some simple steps, like;

1. Listen to Quran Recitation.

You can achieve absolute superiority these days. Enjoy this time to listen to more recitation than you usually would for the rest of the month.

2. Improve Your Memorization of The Quran.

This is the right time to focus on studying and memorizing the Quran. Use the time of the prayer (Salaat) -which you can’t perform- to memorize. Set a goal for yourself through these days to keep your memory fresh while learning Quran by yourself.

, 2023 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

, 2023 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

3. Perform the rest of the Islamic worships

Female Muslims can perform all the rest of Islamic worship during their period without any limits. There are only a few worships with limited conditions, and you are free with the rest.

Can a Mother Teacher Her Kids The Quran During The Period?

Dear mother, If you have kids, you will have an additional responsibility. Follow these tips to help your children learn the Quran even through your period.

  • Be a role model or an example for the child to follow you.
  • Recite the Quran every day loudly and in a catchy tone, especially when your kids surround you.
  • Develop habits related to learning the Quran Online or offline.
  • Tell them stories about Quran. The bedtime story is the most effective one.
  • Continue to tell them about the prize of reciting the Quran.
  • Hire a Quran Tutor for them online

, 2023 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

, 2023 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

At the same time, if you have no children yet, you will have a much better time learning Quran while on your period.

How to learn Quran Online During Your Period?

Don’t Waste More Time, Start With A Female Tutor. Let’s participate in this goal and consult with a female Quran tutor for your peace of soul. There are many Quran teaching platforms for women in which they can complete their Quran learning through online courses.

How about courses specially designed for women? A perfect route where they can get the Quran learning without difficulty. Surah institute is offering female tutors for sisters. Contact Us Now!

, 2023 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

, 2023 Guide To Women Learning Quran During Their Period

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