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Advanced Arabic and Quran Course | Advanced Tajweed Course

Advanced Arabic and Quran Course | Advanced Tajweed Course

Are you willing to learn and teach your kids the Quran online with Tajweed, but you are stuck with the basics? Here in this Quran and Arabic advanced course, we will take you further steps. It is one of our best Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies courses.

These are advanced Arabic classes and advanced courses to learn Quran with Tajweed. We have tailored this Quran and Arabic advanced course to suit kids and adults and help them learn Quran recitation online with proper Tajweed.

This online Quranic Arabic course is brilliant for those who have gone through basic Arabic and Quran courses.

The curriculum of this Advanced Arabic And Quran Course

It is an online practical Arabic and Tajweed Class for Post-Beginners. Students are trained to learn and practice the following:

  • Professionally apply advanced Tajweed rules practically on the Quran through this advanced Tajweed course.
  • Students will learn advanced Arabic language practices with a practical exercise on what they are learning in the Quran classes.
  • Students will attend Quran recitation classes and learn the proper and advanced Quran recitation online.
  • It is also a Quran memorization course. Students will learn Quran memorization according to their memorization level. This course will prepare them for the Ijazah level.

Quran & Arabic Advanced Course With Understanding of The Meanings

Although this is an advanced Arabic course, we can’t neglect the ultimate goal. Namely, understanding the words of Allah and living with them accordingly. 

This course will allow you, your kids, and your family to properly understand the meaning of the Quranic verses and apply them to your life.

So, our Quran and Arabic online tutors will explain the meaning of each verse in addition to the ethics, values, and rulings deduced from it in correlation with the other verses.

What The Student Ecpects from this Advanced Arabic and Quran Course 

After this course, students may expect to:

  • Read the Quranic verses easily and recite the Quran properly
  • Read classical Arabic phrases Professionally and easily;
  • Have a relatively solid understanding and practice of Tajweed rulings;
  • Have Memorized a big part of the Quran.

Is this Quran and Arabic Advanced Course Suitable for kids?

The Advanced Arabic and Quran with Tajweed course is suitable for kids, adults, and all students who have a basic background in Tajweed and can recognize Quranic phrases. 

Learning Quran is Awesome!

However, Living with Quran is life-changing!