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Learning Quran By Yourself – Is It possible? Your 2022 Guide

Learning Quran By Yourself - Your 2022 Guide

Quran is the Last book revealed by the Last Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). Being able to recite the Quran helps you to get a better understanding of Islam. So, Do you ask yourself about learning the Quran by yourself?! Can I learn Quran by myself? How can I know the Quran Learning Online Free fast?

These questions resonate even louder when you plan to better start learning Quran. In this article, we will answer all of your questions.

Learning Quran in Language Other Than Arabic

If you want to Quran Learning Online Free in your language, the versions with a translation may help you to reach your target and understand the difficult terms. The entire book of the Quran Learning Online Free was translated into over 47 languages over the world. Also, selected verses of the Quran are translated into more than 114 languages. 

If you want to understand the Quran fully, you should start learning Quran in its original language with a teacher whose native language is Arabic.

, Learning Quran By Yourself – Is It possible? Your 2022 Guide

, Learning Quran By Yourself – Is It possible? Your 2022 Guide

Can A Person Keep Learning Quran By Himself?

You will need to answer another question first. What is your purpose for learning the Quran? Do you want to read or understand the Learning Quran For Beginners (in either the Arabic language or your own)?

If you want to understand the meanings of the Learn Quran Reading Basics verses (Tafseer), you can read that yourself to get a basic understanding of the Quranic teaching. However, you will need a professional Islamic teacher who can assist you in learning the Quran to perfection, and he can answer your questions and guide you in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

If your question about learning the recitation of the Quran by yourself:

The simple answer is no to the consensus of Muslim scholars all over the centuries. 

The detailed one could be crafted as the following: The Self-teach Yourself Quran Recitation was revealed in the Arabic language in its spoken and written forms. Although, at the time of the Prophet (saw), Muslims were purely native Arabs, they needed the Prophet (saw) or another learned companion to teach them the Quran. 

It is because the Memorize Quran By Yourself is beyond the written letters and contains rulings and harakat that could not be learned by yourself. For that reason learning the Quran with Tajweed to keep applying the special recitation rulings of the Quran and ensure applying the general Arabic rulings present in the Quran.

If you pronounce a letter incorrectly or altered the harakat over the letter, you will change the meaning of the Memorize Quran By Yourself verses, which we don’t want to do.

Although you can’t keep learning Quran by yourself and you still need a scholar who can teach you the correct recitation of the Learn Quran Reading Basics as revealed by the Prophet (saw). You can have to support online sources that will make your learning Quran journey easier.

, Learning Quran By Yourself – Is It possible? Your 2022 Guide

, Learning Quran By Yourself – Is It possible? Your 2022 Guide

Supporting Tips For Learning Quran By Yourself (After Having A Teacher)

For that, you must be mentally and physically prepared during the journey to develop your reciting of the Learn The Quran Fast And Easy. Here are some suggestions that may help you:

1. Set Your Goals

Putting Learn The Quran Fast And Easy into your goals enables you to get the peace that will rescue you from all worldly worries. 

  • Bring a paper and try to record your goals (hifz of the Quran, understand, reach to apply what you understood).

This step is essential because it supports your target with a clear vision.

2. Study According To A plan

Most of the time, we don’t realize how much time off we have in our day. Pick the right Quran learning platform. Therefore, you must look closely at your habits and review your calendar with your teacher. You must follow real and well structured Quran and Arabic Courses.

  • Adapt a time for learning Quran somewhere in the daytime.
  • Devote a private space in your home or work to recite the Quran (remove all distractions through this time to be more productive).

, Learning Quran By Yourself – Is It possible? Your 2022 Guide

, Learning Quran By Yourself – Is It possible? Your 2022 Guide

3. Listening to Quran Recitations:

This technique is appropriate and efficient for many people. When you listen to the Memorize Quran By Yourself verses constantly, the repetition will help you to memorize them. 

  • Choose a Quran reciter that you love his voice tone when he recites Quran.
  • Hear the Quran verses scheduled during your classes and repeat them until you feel that they become familiar.

The next step in learning Quran will make you record your performance and learn the Quran fast. 

4. Ask Your Teacher To Nominate An Arabic Alphabetical Guide

The Arabic alphabetical Guide is a very helpful tool. It can support your beginning to construct the meaning of the Quran verses. Use it and learn about the shape and sound of the letters.

  • Use your Arabic dictionary to search for the meaning of the words.
  • Notice the change in the letter shape depending on their placement within the word.
  • Speak out and check the accuracy of the letter sound (“sounding out” and “chunking” of the Quran words).
  • Add a simple grammar guide to your translation program.
  • Check your result and notice the difference in your reciting.

5. Read The Quran Verses During The Prayer (With Tajweed)

Practice makes perfect, you Know. It makes you reach your target faster. The Quran consists of 30 parts. Start with your reasonable small step to memorize the Quran verses. Divide the part, the Surah, and the verse, and try to recite it often during your prayer.

  • Don’t read the Quran quickly. It isn’t recommended.
  • Try to recite every morning and feel every letter (Harf).

Your teacher will help you to read the Quran in the correct way (Tajweed) and understand the Tajweed rules:

Phonetics, The Arabic Alphabet, Diacritics, Letters Forms, Vowels, Sukun, Shaddah, Madd – Lengthening, Shaddah with Tanween, Laam rules, AlifulWasl rules and Characteristics of the Quranic writing. Heavy and light letters, Rules of Noon Saakin and Tanween, Rules of Meem Saakin, Qalqala, Laam in the exalted name of Allah, Letter Raa rules, Madd – Lengthening rules, Stopping at the end of words, The Qualities of the letters.

6. Your Routine Is Effective When Learning Quran

The more routine you do in memorizing the Quran, the more you will keep doing it. Don’t feel embarrassed to learn or join a class; feeling like you aren’t good enough isn’t true. No matter how little you become more advanced, keep trying. 

7. Choose Your Teacher Now!

Your Quran tutor must be qualified to help you with your mission. Surah Institute has introduced professional teachers who will impact your Quran learning lifetime. They have the required knowledge and experience in teaching Quran with characteristic features like Native Arabs & Holding Ijazah.

We offer an easy platform for all aspirants to learn the Quran in a special teaching manner.

, Learning Quran By Yourself – Is It possible? Your 2022 Guide

, Learning Quran By Yourself – Is It possible? Your 2022 Guide

Conclusion | How can you learn Quran fast?

There is no precise way that will work for all. Everyone is different, and it may depend on your memorization capacity and your progress with your teacher. 

But they are some helpful tips to aid you in your learning Quran journey:

  • Set Your Goals
  • Select a Qualified Quran Tutor
  • Study According To A plan
  • Listening to Quran Recitations
  • Stick to An Arabic Alphabetical Guide
  • Read The Quran Verses During The Prayer (With Tajweed)
  • Stick to a routine

Just remember that the most important thing when learning Quran is the intention to make some effort to understand the Memorize Quran By Yourself and apply what you learned. If you hear and recite the Quran regularly, Allah will guide you to reach the light and free your heart from sins.

, Learning Quran By Yourself – Is It possible? Your 2022 Guide

, Learning Quran By Yourself – Is It possible? Your 2022 Guide

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