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Is Tajweed Obligatory – Fard? Comprehensive answer!

Is Tajweed Obligatory - Fard Comprehensive answer!

Learning Tajweed is one of the most important matters for Muslims who want to better connect with the words of Allah. Nevertheless, there is a dispute about whether or not learning Tajweed is obligatory or Fard to Muslims. Here we will lay that out!

If we talk about the rules of tajweed, you should first define what do you mean by the rules of Tajweed.

What are the rulings of Tajweed?

There are two types of tajweed learning. The first type is learning the rulings on tajweed for knowledge, which means knowing Tajweed Rules in theory, such as studying the makharij (where the letter should be pronounced), etc.

Scholars agree that it is not obligatory mirror upon each Muslim individual to study the theories of rulings, although there must be a sufficient group of Muslims who are fully aware of it (it is Fard Kifayah, not Fard Ayn). It is similar to getting an Ijazah in learning the Quran.

The second type of learning Tajweed Rules is learning how to practice reading the Quran correctly with proper Tajweed, not necessarily mastering the theories. It is like learning the ruling of Waqf and Ibtidaa (Where the reciter should pause or extend his recitation) as well as the other Tajweed Rules. So, this is a practical approach. Here scholars disagree!

Must You Study Quran With Tajweed? – What Do Scholars Say?

There are two prominent and different opinions related to the obligatory mirror of learning the Tajweed. One of the two opinions belongs to the Fuqaha (jurists), and the other belongs to the Scholars of Tajweed and Qiraat. The two options are as follows:

A. Scholars Of Qiraat And Tajweed Argue It Is Obligatory

The first group of scholars argues it is Fard or obligatory to learn Tajweed in a fully educated manner or at least the basic rulings that will help you change no letters or meaning of the Quran.

So, according to this option, it is Fard to learn Tajweed, but you can either master the Tajweed or at least learn the basics of Tajweed. This opinion is held by the scholars of Tajweed and Qiraat and some of the jurists.

B. Option of the Scholars of Fiqh – Tajweed is not Obligatory

The second opinion is the view of the majority of jurists, such as the Hanafis, who believe that reciting the Quran with observance of the rules of Tajweed is only recommended (Mustahab), not Fard or obligatory mirror. However, the reciter of the Quran must not change the meaning of the Quran with his recitation.

So, in both opinions, it seems that it is obligatory mirror to learn at least the basics of the Tajweed that will prevent you from making mistakes that could change the meanings of the Quranic verses.

, Is Tajweed Obligatory – Fard? Comprehensive answer!

, Is Tajweed Obligatory – Fard? Comprehensive answer!

The Opinion of Al-Jazari Related to Obligatory Tajweed

Muhammad bin Al-Jazaree is the leading theoretical Scholar of Tajweed and Qiraat and a notable Hadeeth and Qur’anic scholar from the ninth century (Hijri). In his renowned poem outlining the laws of Tajweed, he states: “And applying Tajweed is an issue of absolute need, whoever does not apply Tajweed to the Qur’an, then he is a sinner.” 

Therefore, he saw it as a duty and abstaining as a sin. He concurs that any Muslim who has memorized or studied all or part of the Qur’an has a personal duty to follow the norms of Tajweed.

The reason is that it is an established Sunnah since the is Tajweed important principles were applied when the Qur’an was revealed, the Prophet (SAW) recited it back to Jibreel in that manner, and the Companions of the Prophet (SAW) read it in that manner.

, Is Tajweed Obligatory – Fard? Comprehensive answer!

, Is Tajweed Obligatory – Fard? Comprehensive answer!

Is There An Excuse To Not Learn The Basics Of Tajweed?

If a Muslim has tried and made his best to learn the Tajweed but still makes mistakes. It is not a problem; Allah only asks us to honestly try to perform the rulings and rewards us for trying. 

Aish (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:

“The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an will be with the honorable and obedient scribes (angels), and he who recites the Qur’an and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible, will have two rewards.”

Al-Bukhari and Muslim

Why do You need to learn Tajweed?

Every phrase in the Qur’an comes directly from Allah since it is His speech. Its recitation requires extreme seriousness, and better recitation of the Quran requires learning Tajweed. It instructs us to pronounce Arabic letters precisely as they should be spoken for our phrases to convey the desired meaning. 

Any minor error in the pronunciation of Allah’s (SWT) words might cause the verses of the Reciting Quran without Tajweed to be completely misunderstood, which is a grievous sin.

The Science of Tajweed obligatory in salah aims to help the reciter become an expert in reciting the Qur’an while paying attention to how each letter should be pronounced by the rules and qualities that apply to it, without exaggeration or deficiency. As a result, the reciter can recite the Qur’an in the Classical Arabic dialect it was first revealed in, just as the Prophet (SAW) and his companions did.

, Is Tajweed Obligatory – Fard? Comprehensive answer!

, Is Tajweed Obligatory – Fard? Comprehensive answer!

Did Muslims Use To Learn Tajweed At the Time of the Prophet (SAW)?

At the dawn of Islam, individual Muslims were not required to learn Reciting Quran without Tajweed during the time of the Prophet (SAW). It was natural for them because they spoke in what is now known as The importance of Tajweed obligatory in salah. They were naturally applying the rules of Tajweed, but they used to learn the Quran from the mouth of the Prophet (SAW). So they must have a teacher, but not necessarily learn the fatha, dama, Idgham ..etc.

After the expansion of Islam, scholars had to write down the recitation guidelines because people started to make errors in Qur’anic recitation. It is a natural result of the Islamic expansion among non-Arabs and Arabs. 

Even Arabs today must learn The importance of Tajweed since their native Arabic has significantly diverged from the Classical Arabic in which the Qur’an was given.

Conclusion | Is Learning Tajweed Fard – Obligatory?

Learning Tajweed Rules is not absolutely obligatory or Fard, but it may be obligatory crossword clue to learn the basics of Tajweed rulings, such as learning how to distinguish letters from each other, learning the characteristics of letters, and learning the correct pronunciation of them. 

You are not expected to make Tajweed mistakes that will change the meaning of the Quranic verses, and this does not undermine the importance of learning the Tajweed, even when it is not obligatory, because both agree that it is a virtue to learn The importance of Tajweed and the Fard of learning the basics.

, Is Tajweed Obligatory – Fard? Comprehensive answer!

, Is Tajweed Obligatory – Fard? Comprehensive answer!

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