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Best 3 Islamic stories For kids – Inspiring Morals For Kids

Best 3 Islamic stories For kids

If you want to teach your kids what Muslim beliefs are, you can use The Best Islamic Stories For Kids that contain moral principles reflecting Islamic ways of life. By reading such stories to your kids, you’ll get an excellent opportunity to speak about Islamic approaches to Moral Islamic Stories and teach them the ethics of Islam.

Especially if they are interactive, they will be so informative and open a lot of talks with your kids. Give everyone a chance to find a story for himself and read with him to reach your goal easily, as the days go by.

Islamic stories to teach kids

The stories in this articles are all about Islam and have morals that children can relate to. Below are three The Best Islamic Stories For Kids with an explanation of their Moral Islamic Stories of Prophets from Quran.

1. The King and The Three Ministers

Once upon a time in some far-off kingdom, a king summoned three of his greatest ministers and gave everyone a bag. He then asked them to take a walk and stuff the bags with fruits. He did that to test the truthfulness of his ministers.

The prime minister was serious about the king’s order and worked on gathering the finest fruits and filling up his bag. But the second minister worked effortlessly and collected a blend of good and rotten fruit in his bag. 

The third minister was completely at variance with the two ministers. He stuffed the bag with dried leaves and dirt. His purpose was to deceive the king by making an impression that he did what he was supposed to do. He had nothing in his bag.

They all returned to the king’s court with their bags. Without asking what they’d gathered, the king instructed every minister to be sent to an individual prison for three months.

The kind of food they will be eating is what each of them had gathered in their bags. 

The Prime Minister was delighted because he had enough amount of good food. He had nothing to worry about. The second minister was concerned because half of his food was filthy. It wouldn’t last as long as he was in prison. The last minister was scared because there was nothing to eat in his bag. He was careless and slothful in executing the king’s orders.

The Morals Behind this Islamic Story:

  • Everyone is like one of the ministers mentioned in The Best Islamic Stories For Kids and has received a book. 
  • We have to do good deeds to live a better life in the afterlife. 
  • Some of us are going to be truthful about this and can gather a lot of good deeds. Other people are going to live along with the other two ministers. They will have a blend of good and bad deeds, whereas some will entirely neglect their duty. They spend their lives committing sins all the time. 
  • On Judgment Day, we will be held accountable for our actions. 
  • We have to be like the Prime Minister who was serious and didn’t have anything to fear in the end.

This Story will be your best choice if you want to tell your son about good and bad deeds.

, Best 3 Islamic stories For kids – Inspiring Morals For Kids

, Best 3 Islamic stories For kids – Inspiring Morals For Kids

2. Malik Bin Dinar and the Thief

One evening, an intruder climbed the wall in Malik Bin Dinar‘s house. He had an easy way in. But he became disheartened as soon as he entered the house because he found nothing to be stolen. Malik was occupied doing the prayer. With Finding out he wasn’t alone. He rapidly completed his prayer and turned to stand in front of the thief.

He didn’t show any signs of shock or fear. Malik peacefully greeted the peace and told him that Allah might forgive him. He said, “You broke into my house but you didn’t find anything. Although, I don’t want you to walk away and not get any benefits”.

He walked into another room and returned with a pitcher filled with water. He looked the robber in the eye and told him to perform the ablution (Wudu) and two prayer units. Because when you do, you will come out of my home with a larger treasure than you came in to search for.

Embarrassed by Malik’s figure of speech, and said, “Yes, it’s a great deal”. After performing the two units of prayer. All of a sudden he asked him to stay a little to carry out two further units of prayer. Malik told him to stay and pray the number of prayers he wanted because Allah orders him to do it now.

The intruder kept praying at Malik’s house until the night was gone. Then, in the morning Malik told him to go and take care of himself, but he didn’t want to leave. He asked Malik to stay with him for one day because he had an intent to fast. 

Malik told him to stay all he want. 

The intruder’s stay at Malik’s house lasted several days, Fasting during the day and praying during the late hours of the night. After a while, the intruder decided to way out of Malik’s house and told Malik that he had resolutely repented of his sins and for how he lived in the past.

Malik has said, “It is in Allah’s hand.”

The man changed his way of life and started to live a righteous and obedient life to Allah. Afterwards, he met another intruder who asked him, “Have you found your treasure yet?”.

He told him that he found Malik Bin Dinar and said, “I went to steal his house, but the story ended by stealing my heart. I did repent of Allah and I’ll stay at the doorway until I reach that which his obedient and loving slaves have accomplished.

The Morals Behind this Islamic Story:

This story reminds us of the power of repentance and Allah may forgive his slaves when they made a firm resolve to repent for their sins. 

3. The story of the Lazy Rat

Once upon a time in Medina, there were two rats – wife and husband. The wife does everything while the husband takes time to relax and enjoy himself. The wise owl sends them both to see the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) in Medina.

The husband is shocked when he looks and saw the Prophet (SAW) was helping his wife; although, in his opinion, that is the wife’s job. Finally, he learns the lesson to assist his wife in the domestic tasks to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw).

The Morals Behind this Islamic Stories for Muslim:

This is a great lesson to our children (daughters and sons) in order to raise independent men just as we focus on raising independent girls.

, Best 3 Islamic stories For kids – Inspiring Morals For Kids

, Best 3 Islamic stories For kids – Inspiring Morals For Kids

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