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Best Tafseer Surah Al-Naas – Maksud, Benefits, And Lessons Verse by Verse

Tafseer Surah Al-Naas Verse by Verse

This article discusses Surah Al-Naas from several aspects. It gives a brief introduction to the Surah, Makki or Madani, Asbab al-n-Nuzul, its translation and transliteration in English. We will also discuss Surah Al-Naas tafseer and meaning, and finally its benefits and lessons.

Introduction to Surah Al-Naas

Surah Al-Naas is the last Surah in the Quran. It is one of the two surahs called ‘Al-Muawwidhatayn’ which means the two refuges as we previously mentioned in Tafseer of Surah Al-Falaq

The word ‘Al-Naas’ means the people. It was named Surah Al-Naas because Allah started the Surah by saying: ‘Say, O Muhammad: I seek refuge in Rabb Al-Naas’. Also, the word ‘Al-Naas’ was repeated in nearly every verse, around five times in this small Surah.

Surah Al-Naas is a Madani Surah that was revealed with or just after Surah Al-Falaq.

Why Was Surah Al-Naas Revealed (Asbab al-n-Nuzul)?

Asbab al-n-Nuzul of Surah Al-Naas is similar to Asbab al-n-Nuzul of Surah Al-Falaq. It was revealed as a ruqya from the magic performed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the Jewish person. So, both surahs ‘Al-Muawwidhatayn’ were revealed as a protection from evils. However, each is concerned with a different type of evil.

What is The Maksud of Surah Al-Naas?

The Maksud of Surah Al-Nass is ‘Isti’aza’, which means seeking refuge in Allah against Satan (The devil) either from the Jinn or from humans

The Surah teaches us how evil is the Satan. He whispers to people inviting them to evil as that mentioned in Surah Al-Falaq. That’s why Surah Al-Naas is specifically concerned about the Satan, as he is among the most dangerous drives to evil.

The Surah also mentions the great attributes of Allah as Rabb (The lord), ‘Malik’ (owner), ‘Ilah’ (The God who deserves worship). It assigns the word ‘Al-Naas’ (The people) to each of Allah’s attributes referring that Allah is the lord, the owner, and the God of all people.

Surah Al-Naas Translation and Transliteration in English (Verse by Verse)

Surah Al-Naas is among the smallest surahs of the Best Quran Tafseer. It consists of only six verses which are consistent with the meaning of ‘Isti’aza’.

Surah Institute | Best Tafseer Surah Al-Naas - Maksud, Benefits, And Lessons Verse by Verse

قُلْ أَعُوذُ بِرَبِّ ٱلنَّاسِ

‘Qul a’oozu birabbin naas’
Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind,

مَلِكِ ٱلنَّاسِ
‘Malikin naas’
The Sovereign of mankind.

إِلَـٰهِ ٱلنَّاسِ
‘Ilaahin naas’
The God of mankind,

مِن شَرِّ ٱلْوَسْوَاسِ ٱلْخَنَّاسِ
‘Min sharril waswaasil khannaas’
From the evil of the retreating whisperer –

ٱلَّذِى يُوَسْوِسُ فِى صُدُورِ ٱلنَّاسِ
‘Allazee yuwaswisu fee sudoorin naas’
Who whispers [evil] into the breasts of mankind –

مِنَ ٱلْجِنَّةِ وَٱلنَّاسِ
‘Minal jinnati wannaas’
From among the jinn and mankind.”

Tafseer of Surah Al-Naas Meaning in English (Verse by Verse)

The tafseer of Surah Al-Naas have great similarities with Surah Al-Falaq. However, there are some important differences we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Tafseer Surah al-Naas Verse #1

‘Qul’ means say O Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

A’oozu’ means I seek refuge. 

‘birabbin naas’ means in the ‘Rabb’, the lord, of people.

Although it is a speech to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it is also a teaching for every Muslim to do that. 

There are many Surah Al-Naas Benefits in the Quran that started by ‘Qul’ as we previously mentioned Tafseer Surah Al-Ikhlas.

Tafseer Surah al-Naas Verse #2

That is a completion of the previous verse, where Allah (SWT) clarifies his attributes and teaches us how to perform duaa. 

‘Malikin naas’ means the owner of people.

Tafseer Surah al-Naas Verse #3

‘Ilaahin naas’ means the true God and the only one who deserves worship.

Tafseer Surah al-Naas Verse #4

‘Min sharril waswaasil khannaas’ this verse clarifies the type of evil we seek refuge in Allah from; which is the devil (Satan). He pushes people to kufr (disbelief in Allah), evil deeds, and Hell fire and take them away from Iman (Belief in Allah), righteous deeds and Jannah.

‘Waswas Khannas’ are both two attributes of Satan. ‘Waswas’ means the one who whispers to others in a low voice. ‘Khannaas’ means the one who goes away, or goes back. These two words perfectly describe the Satan; as he whispers to people. However, he goes away when you mention Allah (in Azkar and Most Reliable Tafseer Of Quran) or supplicates to Him.

Tafseer Surah al-Naas Verse #5

‘Allazee yuwaswisu fee sudoorin naas’ means ‘the one who whispers in the chests of people’. This verse describes what the Satan is busy doing, and further clarifies the previous one.

This description is magnificent, as Allah who is the Rabb, Malik, Ilah of people is the only one capable of  protecting them against their most dangerous enemy.

Allah says: “Surely Satan is an enemy to you, so take him as an enemy. He only invites his followers to become inmates of the Blaze.” (Quran 35:6)

Tafseer Surah al-Naas Verse #6

‘Minal jinnati wannaas’ is a clarification of who exactly is considered a Satan. Many people think Satan is only Jinn. However, Satan could be Jinn or humans as well. 

A Satan is the one who has the qualities of a Satan and shares his attributes, it is not restricted to either type.

Allah says in the Quran about Iblis (The father of Satans): “…was one of the jinn, but he rebelled against the command of his Lord.” (Quran 18:50)

Allah also says that there are Human Satans as in Surah Al-Naas and in several other verses: “And so We have made for every prophet enemies—devilish humans and jinn—whispering to one another with elegant words of deception” (Quran 6:112)

, Best Tafseer Surah Al-Naas – Maksud, Benefits, And Lessons Verse by Verse

, Best Tafseer Surah Al-Naas – Maksud, Benefits, And Lessons Verse by Verse

What are the Lessons of Surah Al-Naas and Life Applications?

The lessons of Surah Al-Naas Benefits are many. It teaches us how to seek refuge in Allah and how to make duaa. It also warns us against Satan and gives a clear description of how the Satan is like so that we take care.

1. Surah Al-Naas teaches us to Only Seek Refuge in Allah

Surah Al-Naas Benefits is one of the two refuges in the Quran as we previously mentioned. It starts by seeking refuge in Allah who is the Rabb, the owner and the true God. This obviously teaches Muslims that seeking refuge in other than Allah is useless as he is not -by any means- equivalent to Allah.

2. Supplicate to Allah by his names

Surah Al-Naas started by Allah’s names before mentioning what actually we should seek refuge from. That was repeated in several surahs as we previously mentioned in Tafseer of Surah Al-Fatiha. Supplicating to Allah by his names is mentioned in the Quran, and is a means of accepting prayers.

Allah says in the Quran: “Allah has the Most Beautiful Names. So call upon Him by them” (Quran 7:180)

3. Satan is a source of evil

No doubt, Satan is a source of evil. It is ‘Waswas’ and ‘Khannas’ as we previously clarified.

Allah says in the Quran that The Satan pushes people to evil step by step in an intelligent strategy (Quran 24:21).

He (SWT) also says that Satan spreads hatred and malevolence among people (Quran 5:91). Satan spread fear among his followers (Quran 3:175) Satan promises poverty and invites to obscenity  (Quran 2:268). Satan separates brothers (Quran 12:100) Satan falsely promises his followers and soon breaks his promise (Quran 8:48)

And many others that were mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah.

4. Satan is very weak

Although Satan has intelligent ways of inviting people to evil, he is very weak in front of believers who seek refuge in Allah and always return to him in repentance.

Allah says in the Quran: “So fight against Satan’s ˹evil˺ forces. Indeed, Satan’s schemes are ever weak.” (Quran 4:76)

“He (Satan) certainly has no authority over those who believe and put their trust in their Lord.” (Quran 16:99)

Allah says that believers soon discover Satan’s whispers and repent: “Indeed, when Satan whispers to those mindful ˹of Allah˺, they remember ˹their Lord˺ then they start to see ˹things˺ clearly.” (Quran 7:201)

5. Refrain From Both Jinn and Human Satans

Many people seek refuge in jinn satans only. However, one should refrain from having evil friends and listening to anyone who does the deeds of satan which are described in Surah Al-Naas and other Surahs.

What are The Benefits of Surah Al-Naas?

The benefits of Surah Al-Naas are similar to Surah Al-Falaq; as we previously mentioned in Surah Al-Falaq in detail. It is unique, it is a ruqya in severe illness, wind and darkness, and in case of black magic. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that you will not recite anything greater before Allah than Al-Muawidhatayn. He (PBUH) used to recite them in Witr prayer at night.

You can also find the tafseer of the following surahs helpful:

Conclusion – What is the general meaning of surah al-Naas?

Surah Al-Naas is one of the smallest and greatest Surahs of the Quran. It is considered one of the two refuges (Muawwidhatayn). 

Surah Al-Naas talks about seeking refuge in Allah against one of the most dangerous evils which is Satan. That’s why Surah Al-Naas and Surah Al-Falaq are interrelated; where each of them is specified to a type of evil.

, Best Tafseer Surah Al-Naas – Maksud, Benefits, And Lessons Verse by Verse

, Best Tafseer Surah Al-Naas – Maksud, Benefits, And Lessons Verse by Verse

Reciting Surahs Al-Naas and reflecting upon its meaning is essential for every muslim every day and night as prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us.

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