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How To Learn Tajweed Online? – 2023 Expert’s Step By StepGuide

How to Learn Tajweed online - 22 Expert's Step By Step Guide

Do you want to know how to learn Tajweed online? Although It might be challenging to learn Quran online with Tajweed, especially for those whose first language is not Arabic. However, Tajweed is crucial to mastering the right way to recite the Quran. 

Tajweed helps us to strengthen our ability to accurately pronounce each word and letter of the Quran by providing the proper entrance and departure locations.

How to Learn Tajweed Online?

To find out how to learn Tajweed online check out our tips. These top tips to Tajweed Course for Adults are provided by expert online Quran and Tajweed tutors at Surah Institute due to the significance of studying the Quran with Tajweed for every Muslim.

1. Carefully Select An Online Quran Tutor

Before practicing tajweed consistently, you first need to have a very knowledgeable Quran and Tajweed tutor who would guide you in your Quran learning journey, listen to you when reciting, and give you feedback for better development. The first step to learn Tajweed online is to have the right teacher.

, How To Learn Tajweed Online? – 2023 Expert’s Step By StepGuide

, How To Learn Tajweed Online? – 2023 Expert’s Step By StepGuide

2. Arabic Always First

Tajweed starts off with the correct pronunciation of the Arabic words. The better your Arabic, the better your recitation. If your Arabic is weak, try to start by al-Noorania course with a highly skillful tutor. People who can speak Arabic or who are native Arabic speakers find tajweed to be significantly more straightforward.

3. Understand the Arabic letter articulation points

When you are looking for an answer to the question: How to learn Tajweed online, you should know that the basis of it is to pronounce and learn Tajweed rules each word appropriately to respect Allah’s commands (SWT).

It starts with how well you can form each letter into a word. Learning the Quranic Arabic Alphabet, its sounds, and its articulation must first be understood. It will assist you in the proper recitation of such a large number. You must, therefore, initially practice how each letter sounds and is pronounced.

You can learn how to pronounce the letter you were unsure about after online Quran sessions by further watching several videos or recitations of the Holy Quran. 

4. Study the Rulings of Tajweed

It would be best if you studied the theoretical aspects of Tajweed rulings in books of Tajweed. I mean here, the ruling of waqf and ibtidaa, the rulings of the letters (Izhar, Ikhfaa, Iqlaab, .etc.), and the other rulings explained in beginner Tajweed courses. You don’t have to worry about that if you learn Tajweed online with a tutor.

5. Apply The Rules Under The Supervision of A Tutor

Apply what you had studied to the theoretical rulings. You can’t do that by yourself; instead, you must apply them under the supervision of a certified Quran and Tajweed Tutor. Whether you learn Tajweed online or offline, you must apply this.

Some Tajweed learners think that they could do the job of mastering tajweed without the need for Quran and Tajweed tutors. But they end up wasting their time and effort. From the beginning of revelation, Muslims agree that Quran can only be adequately learned through a qualified Quran teacher.

, How To Learn Tajweed Online? – 2023 Expert’s Step By StepGuide

, How To Learn Tajweed Online? – 2023 Expert’s Step By StepGuide

6. Understand The Meaning Of Better Recitation

We must read and comprehend what is being read to give the Qur’an its due. You better deliver and recite the Quran with seriousness and sentiments if you understand what you are reading. When you learn online Tajweed course, combine that with learning the meaning of the part or verses you will recite.

However, you may study Qur’anic Arabic or Classic Arabic and start comprehending the Tajweed you learn relatively and quickly without having to master the whole Arabic language.

7. Video And Audio Practicing

Your tajweed lessons and radio listening come to life because you practice tajweed. Learn Tajweed A-Z with Easy Steps is the key to perfecting both your tajweed and Qur’anic Recitation when you learn Tajweed online and learn tajweed rules. After learning tajweed principles, incorporate them into your everyday Quran recitation you play on your phone through YouTube Videos

Try to imitate the recitation of the Quran of Shikhs such as al-Husari. The saying “practice makes a man perfect” is accurate; when you put anything into regular practice and apply what you learn to your everyday life, you gradually start to grow acclimated to it.

8. It is Okay to Make Mistakes

Many Muslims would stop developing their recitation and tajweed levels due to fear of making mistakes out of shyness or piety. Some believe it is forbidden to read the Quran if you do not know how to do it correctly and perfectly. This belief is not only wrong, and it is actually harmful as if it prevents us from reading the Quran.

It is instead to get a high reward from Allah as you are trying to get closer and closer to his sayings.

, How To Learn Tajweed Online? – 2023 Expert’s Step By StepGuide

, How To Learn Tajweed Online? – 2023 Expert’s Step By StepGuide

9. Set Sincere Intentions for Learning Tajweed

Make the goal of memorizing the Quran to please Allah (SWT) one of your top priorities when learning Tajweed. As a result, a Muslim’s action must be performed to be acceptable by Allah (SWT). It is even much easier when you learn Tajweed online.

Make a conscientious effort to master Tajweed to accurately recite the Quran as it was said by the prophet (PBUH). Ask Allah (SWT) to make learning Tajweed simple to you in your prayers and supplications. Your intention and duaa will significantly facilitate your Quran study process.

Conclusion | Best ways to learn Tajweed online?

Learning Tajweed would be much easier if you started your journey correctly. Follow the above tips and stick to them to learn the Quran quickly and effectively.

But the most important tip is to select a qualified teacher for you and your kids. Enroll in Surah Institute’s online Quran, Tajweed, and Arabic classes to go further into Quranic studies and gain knowledge of Allah’s Holy Book.

Even if Arabic is not their first language, your children may acquire the correct Quran recitation and word pronunciation through Surah institute’s online Arabic lessons for children and Quran classes for adults.

Children in Surah Institute receive systematic and entertaining Quran instruction through eLearning Quran; They will go with our Quran instructor, Arabic teacher, Islamic Studies teacher, tajweed teacher, and House of Quran as their buddies.

Surah institute seasoned instructors (Male tutors & female tutors) who are certified from al-Azhar and have extensive expertise in the online teaching of the Quran and Arabic to Arabic and non-Arabic speakers. If you want additional information about Online Quran Classes for your kids, contact us directly.

, How To Learn Tajweed Online? – 2023 Expert’s Step By StepGuide

, How To Learn Tajweed Online? – 2023 Expert’s Step By StepGuide

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