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How to learn to speak Arabic And MSA? | The Top 5 Tips

How to learn to speak Arabic And MSA

Learning a new language is always a significant undertaking because of the difficulty you may meet if the new language doesn’t have shared roots with your native tongue. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are very essential aspects of language development. So, if you’re interested in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), read this article to explore all possible ways to speak Arabic passively and actively.

In this article, we will know the keys which help you to speak Local Dialect and answer the questions that you need to know about learning to speak Arabic dialects and Modern Standard Arabic.

Can you learn Arabic on your own, As A Native English Speaker?

I wish to say that is possible. The Arabic learning for beginners starts with who are English speaker start hard. You need to know that you can’t teach yourself independently of teachers. If you want to achieve this goal in the fastest and most efficient way possible, don’t let go of having a teacher.

The truth is that learning MSA is no ordinary matter. To provide sufficient options for teaching Arabic, we will first review the topic in-depth and let you conclude on your own.

How To Learn To Speak Arabic Fast?

Before you start, you should detect the purpose for which you want to start learning Arabic. If speaking Arabic is essential for your job, you will need to know the complete requirements of this job before starting to learn Arabic. 

The motivation for speaking Fusha Arabic is different from any other, and it might be for work, travel, study, and friendship. It will be helpful to get your answer to the second question; which dialect of Arabic should I learn?

1. Decide Which Dialect Of Arabic You Want To Learn.

There are many forms of Arabic, and it is the mother tongue of about 26 MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) countries. 

If you decide to speak Fusha Arabic, you will face unique challenges with the dialect, especially if you are a native English speaker. There are keys that you need to work on, to succeed in learning Arabic.

  • Decide what type of Arabic you are interested in learning. 
  • If you tend to spend time in a region, you will want to select the language form that is relevant to that area.
  • If you aren’t sure what region you are working in, the best option is to learn MSA Arabic.
  • Get An online tutor to help you learn MSA.

, How to learn to speak Arabic And MSA? | The Top 5 Tips

, How to learn to speak Arabic And MSA? | The Top 5 Tips

Which dialect of Arabic should I learn?

If you are unsure about the dialect you may need to learn, Fusha Arabic (known as Modern Standard Arabic – MSA) will be the best choice for you. It is considered the official language of 22 Arab countries and one of the official languages of the United Nations. MSA is widely accepted, you need to master it to be able to handle your daily life in almost all countries. 

If you still want to speak an Arabic Dialect, I will suggest learning the Egyptian dialect as it is understood by all people in MENA unlike the other Arabic dialects.

2. Speaking is Good, But Start with Written Arabic

If you want to keep your learning process easy and fluid, try not to give the transcription process more attention than learning the Arabic alphabet first. If you did that, you would feel your learning process more difficult.

Do you remember how we learned in school? When you start learning, you can differentiate between letters forming a modern Arabic words and then learn how to arrange these words within a sentence.

You can take organized procedures with a professional online teacher of MSA Course a starting from learning the modern Arabic words to fluency with Surah Institute.

3. Better Understand The Arabic Structure

It’s a practical step in your journey to speak Arabic. All Arabic words are usually arranged according to three basic (root) letters. Using the dictionary requires practice, but the more quickly you learn it, the better.

  • Learn how to use a vowel: letters are specifically for long-sounding vowels. But the short-sounding vowels are written as separate marks above or below consonant letters. These vowel marks will help you understand how the Arabic vowel should be pronounced.
  • You can find out how to read Arabic letters: When you know how to write Arabic letters, I’m sure you can read a small number of short words. Start with your textbook (especially in the period after your class), then try to search for examples of regular Arabic writing.

4. Listen To Arabic Audio Clips

Ask your teacher to nominate some MSA audio clips to talk Arabic fast. Listening to Arabic dialects is a great way to dive into the tongue and passively ingest words and sentences.

Learning to listen to Arabic dialects is really the most challenging part of your journey that trains your ears to understand what you hear. But as you listen daily, you will develop an ear capable of effectively understanding verbal Arabic.

5. Find A Supporter Partner To Engage With Arabic Everyday Learning

Now, you need a lot more practice for fluent speaking. Learning MSA as any language is not only to spend some time during your day but also to constantly commit to the language all day long.

  • Apply different ways of writing and practice what you learn each day.
  • Effectively track what you’re learning and make sure you do not forget new words.

If you want to speak Arabic after class time, you need to find a native Arabic partner who can help you practice and be interested in engaging with you. Your conversations will assist you in improving your vocabulary and oral skills.

Final Thoughts – How To Learn To Speak Arabic (Fusha And MSA)?

There is no difficulty for any English speaker to learn Local Dialect if done correctly under a qualified teacher; just don’t let other people get in your way. If you still have a question about learning how to speak Arabic, I will ensure that you can do it faster than expected. I hope this explanation helped you.

If you like to improve your level in speaking Arabic with a private teacher who’s a native speaker, you can choose to learn the basics in an online MSA course or participate in an online course to be more disciplined and structured in your learning. These online courses are offered at all educational levels at Surah Institute. Don’t miss this chance!

, How to learn to speak Arabic And MSA? | The Top 5 Tips

, How to learn to speak Arabic And MSA? | The Top 5 Tips

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