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How To Learn Quran At Home? – 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

How To Learn Quran At Home - 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

As the Islamic community flourishes and develops worldwide, more and more Muslims strive to learn the Quran online. Learning Quran is a large part of Islam that every Muslim should practice daily. For modern circumstances, many Muslims started to seek to learn Quran at home.

Given that many Muslims can’t find the time or resources to learn the Quran because of their busy schedule, online learning of the Quran presents the solution to this problem.

But, It is never advisable to Learn Quran At Home Tutorial and understand the Quran without a teacher. So, you can Learn Quran At Home Tutorial with highly qualified Quran tutors. Surah Institute introduces in this article a guide for preparing yourself for better efficiency during your journey to Learning Quran Sharif At Home.

, How To Learn Quran At Home? – 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

, How To Learn Quran At Home? – 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

Top 10 Tips That Would Help You To Learn Quran At Home

As you study Quran by yourself, you can prepare yourself to do better when you Easy Way To Learn Quran online with your professional teacher. These tips are more habits that make learning more efficient to better memorize the Quran. They thoroughly answer the question of how to learn the Quran at home:

1. Make Your Decision To Learn Quran At Home As Early As Possible

It is an essential tip that helps you to form your vision and focus on your goals. You need to bring your skills to take action to start.

  • Investigate your situation to a greater extent (Are you a beginner Quran learner or a more advanced Quran learner? Are you already fluent in Arabic or don’t speak Arabic?).
  • Explore the available options for learning sources online (such as Quran online courses and tutors). 
  • Select your suitable course and experienced tutor.
  • Take your action and choose a proper time to start.

, How To Learn Quran At Home? – 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

, How To Learn Quran At Home? – 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

2. Prepare Your Environment.

If you have decided to learn Quran at home, you have to avoid being distracted by the affairs of others around you while taking your lessons.

  • Take the ablution to wash away any sins or impurities.
  • Choose a quiet place where you feel most comfortable.
  • Ensure that your device (PC – Laptop – Tablet – Smartphone) that you will use to complete your Quran online course is connected to the Internet and check your classroom application.
  • Take your time to relax for a few minutes before starting your lesson.

3. Pick A Responsible Friend.

You may feel isolated during your online Quran course. Through the proper classes, you can share with your classmates your complete journey.

But you will feel better if you have a responsible partner who will encourage you to work together toward the same target of Easy Way To Learn Quran.

4. Keep A Fixed Time And Place For Your Mushaf

When you Learning Quran Sharif At Home in the same context, you have a better choice to remember what you have learned.

  • Set a time during which you are free most days & fix it.
  • Fix the place where you can be away from any distractions.
  • Memorize using the same Mushaf (It’s the most important tip to better memorize the Quran).

According to Psychology, If you perform these tips, You will not only do hifz of the Quran and its content but also remember the location of words. 

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5. Takes Notes By Hand when learning Quran At Home

Although taking notes by hand is slower than typing on your laptop or mobile, It’s better for drafting information and promoting understanding and retention. This action will help you to learn Quran easier and faster at home.

6. Short Timed Classes are the perfect way to learn.

The perfect class duration ranges from thirty to sixty minutes. At the same time, 30 minutes is the minimum time to get a good amount of knowledge and back it up in memory. 

Make the maximum limit 45 minutes (Over 60 minutes is too much information to take at once). You can get better information storage for your brain process.

, How To Learn Quran At Home? – 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

, How To Learn Quran At Home? – 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

7. Talk To Your Teacher And Pose Questions.

Listening to your online Quran tutors is a good thing. But discussing with them has a magical effect on your understanding and Best Quran For Beginners online better and more effectively.

Engage with your teacher and ask any questions may you have. This method will help you to get more information in less time.

8. Recite More And Connect Your New Habit With Old Ones.

You can start to recite some Quran verses (chosen by your online Quran tutor to know how to learn tajweed), once you have mastered the basic principles of reading the Quran.

Recite whenever possible, as much as possible. There is no substitute for it. The more you do, the more successful you are. 

  • Ask your Quran tutor to recommend a famous reciter to read along with him.
  • Notice the makhaarij and time delays for each letter (Harf).
  • Choose a specific time for reciting. The best hour for reading is the evening or after the morning prayer (Fajr).
  • Learn how to recite the Quran (where to pause and where to start).

Now commit to reciting each day for 21 days after the prayers. That’s enough to add Quran recitation as a new habit.

9. Work On Increasing Your Breathing when learning Quran At Home

The beauty of reciting is to complete the Learn Quran With Tajweed At Home verse in consistent breaths and not stop in between unreasonably. You will need a long breath to give every word and letter its time to be pronounced correctly.

Try to know the breakpoints. You can use it as some kind of bonus. The Quranic breakpoints will give you a better chance to gather more air in your lungs and finish the Best Quran For Beginners verse smoothly. This will help you better learn the recitation of the Quran with Tajweed.

Do this Exercise:

  • Hold your breath for a while.
  • Find your 30-second limit.
  • Continue to practice.
  • Hold your breath again to increase this time frame.
  • Increase your time frame by 10 seconds each time.

, How To Learn Quran At Home? – 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

, How To Learn Quran At Home? – 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

10. Don’t rush learning Quran at home.

You can’t reach proficiency in learning Quran in a single day. Move slowly and firmly. Your step-by-step approach will transfer you from the beginners’ level to mastering the Quran.

The previous tips aren’t hard to apply. Discuss them with your online Quran teacher and follow them to get better steps through your online course.

After all, Surah Institute is the best online Quran Academy way to provide you with the professional online Quran tutors you need. We have experienced Quran tutors who help you to make Best Quran For Beginners at home easier and faster.

, How To Learn Quran At Home? – 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

, How To Learn Quran At Home? – 10 Tips For Better Efficiency 

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