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How To Do Hifz aOf The Quran Online?

memorization - Hifz Of The Quran Online Best 2022 Tips

Hifz of the Quran is a huge spiritual, physical, and mental journey that enlightens your heart, mind, and entire existence. Muslims worldwide are trying to memorize the Holy Quran to become Hafiz because of this. While memorizing the Quran offers countless benefits in this life and the afterlife, many Muslims have still postponed the start of this incredible journey. 

“This is a book we sent down, bringing blessings and confirming which came before it.” 

(Surah An’aam: 92)

Some say that their daily commitments do not leave them time to memorize the Quran, while others think it is impossible as there are 114 surahs and 6,236 verses. Learning the Quran by heart is not difficult, but it is also not easy. Furthermore, memorizing the Quran does not require you to devote the whole day and give up your obligations to your job, studies, or family.

Top 10 Tips To Memorize The Quran?

The top 10 techniques for remembering the Quran quickly and effortlessly are provided by Quran teachers and professionals at Surah institutes to help you in your endeavour. Similar to our approach in the Best 8# Quran Memorization Techniques | Faster & Effectively.

1. Pure intention to please Allah Almighty.

2. Memorizing the Qur’an in the early morning

3. Maintain correct recitations and pronunciation

4. Preparing a schedule for memorizing the Qur’an

5. Consistency and adherence to the preservation schedule

6. Repeat what you memorized over and over

 7. Reciting what you memorized in prayer

8. Understand the meaning of the Quranic verses

9. Choose a distraction-free environment

10. Learn to memorize the Qur’an with the Holy Qur’an teacher

A. The pure intention to please God (glory be to Him) by memorizing the Quran.

The first and most important tip for memorizing the Quran is to ensure your intention (goal) for becoming a memorizer is to please Almighty God. Your intention should not be to brag to colleagues or others that you have memorized the Book of Allah Almighty. The Quran is a Sunnah. For the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, used to memorize the Quran. You who love the Messenger, be anxious for his guidance and his Sunnah, then you will receive his intercession on the day of the Resurrection, and the memorization of the Quran will save you from the torments of Hell.

B. Memorizing the Qur’an in the early morning

The best time to memorize the Quran is early in the morning, right after the Fajr prayer. Spend 40 to 45 minutes memorizing the Quran after worship and before breakfast. At this time of day, the mind is calm and has a high capacity to absorb information.

C. Maintain correct recitations and pronunciation

To memorize the Quran correctly, one must first read the Quran correctly. 
It can only be achieved by listening to a good and precise reciter of the Quran. So if you can read Arabic but cannot read the Quran as it should be, you must first learn the Quran with Tajweed.

D. Preparing a schedule for memorizing the Qur’an

Choose the date you want to finish memorizing the Quran. Divide it into annual, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. This will make your task a lot easier, and you will feel satisfied every day along the way.

E. Consistency and adherence to the preservation schedule

Be consistent and stick to your study schedule, and don’t skip a day unless there’s an emergency. If you have to skip a day due to an emergency, compensate for it the next day by spending more time memorizing the Quran. Always remember that memory is like a muscle. The more you memorize, the more you can remember, and the easier it becomes.

F. Repeat what you memorized over and over

Always start memorizing the Quran by reciting and repeating what you have already memorized. For example, before memorizing a new part of the Quran, memorize what you memorized the day before. At the end of the week, read everything you memorized that week all at once. At the end of the month, do the same and so on. In this way, the Quran will be remembered and not forgotten.

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How to easily review the Holy Quran?

Continuing review and development of a plan to help anchor the Quran in the chest with God’s permission, and the easiest way to memorize and review the Online Hifz ul Quran Course Free is as follows:

  • Develop a tight plan for review, as reviews three parts a day and reads them behind repetitively.
  • To discover the overlooked Juz or verses, first read the Quran in its entirety. You can start reviewing those sections right once you know which ones you have missed or aren’t as keen on. Start with just reviewing 1 Juz daily, and stick to this schedule for at least a month. To strengthen the hifz, give more time to the forgotten part. Add another Juz now, then review 2 and 3 Juz each day as you continue adding Juz until you reach 5 Juz per day. It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you make steady little progress, you’ll find it easy to review 5 Juz daily, one after each Salah.
  • It is best to listen to and respond to another person’s review, be it his teacher or siblings, as this will help increase the determination to memorize the Quran and increase enthusiasm.
  • The greatest thing to confirm is the “DUA”; it is the light and hope we cling to in all matters of our life. Du’a is the time when you will be successful with your Lord and ask him for help in this learning process.

A. Reciting what you memorized in prayer

To further practice what you have memorized from the Quran, read the daily verses in the five daily prayers. If you find that you have forgotten a verse, go to your Online Hifz ul Quran Course Free right after the prayer to remember it.

B. Understand the meaning of the Quranic verses

If you don’t understand what you read well, you can’t memorize it well. It is very important to understand the meaning of the verses you are Quran Memorization Program and to know how they relate to each other. And it would help if you read the interpretation of the verses you memorize and mention their meaning as you read them.

C. Choose a distraction-free environment.

Just as you choose a time when your mind is calm and clear, you should select a secluded place where there are little or no distractions, including your cell phone. This will lead to greater concentration and better memorization of the Quran.

Learn to memorize the Qur’an with the Holy Qur’an teacher

To make the task of memorizing the Quran easier and faster, you can take the help of a professional Quran Memorization Program teacher. He will help you and guide you step by step on your way to becoming a Hafiz of the Quran.

There is always something that works for everyone, even if some of the above tips, tricks and strategies may not. Aspire to understand and hifz Quran with zeal and strong determination, bearing in mind that self-dedication in learning the Quran and focus are the most crucial factors. However, we suggest our Quran memorization courses with a free trial if you are trying to remember the Quran and feel the need for supervision. Also, review the Quran you have memorized when you get the chance.

, How To Do Hifz aOf The Quran Online?

, How To Do Hifz aOf The Quran Online?

Quran Ijazah of Hifz And Tajweed Online Course

Some children, even adults, become frightened at the thought of Quran Memorization Program. They fear they will not be able to memorize the entire book. But we have skilled and experienced teachers in our Quran Ijazah of Hifz And Tajweed Online Course who have encountered such scenarios before. They know how to handle these students and persuade them that this is the most straightforward book in the world.

How do we proceed to the lessons?

In our lessons memorizing the Quran, we start with short verses because a long surah like Surah Yousef could be overwhelming for novices. Different surahs, such as Surah  Rahman, as well as particular verses, such as the verse for hope, patience, and Ayat ul Kursi, hold a special place in the hearts of Muslims. And almost all students are aware of this. Let’s use this perspective to start with these specific verses and surah before reading the entire Best Online Hifz Program in sequence. Additionally, Tajweed was given similar weight in our online course on memorizing the Quran. Each student with flawless Tajweed recites every word of the Quran. Thanks to the guidance of our instructors.

At Surah Institute, we have certified Best Online Hifz Program instructors (including men and women) who can teach you how to Memorisation Quran the Quran. Sign up for a trial version of our program to learn how to memorize the Quran online.

Objectives of our Hifz courses

The instructors of our online Quran memorization program work very hard to achieve the learning goals that our institute has set.

  • Memorization of the Quran with perfect Tajweed
  • Information about Islam, the life of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and the followers of the Holy Prophet
  • The purpose for which verses and surah were revealed
  • Compelling and moving recital of the Holy Quran
  • Check out the various Quranic bookmarks, such as Waqf.
  • Find out why and how to perform Sajda, a ritual that is performed between Quranic verses.
  • Using contemporary technologies to educate the noble Quran, presenting the ability to teach the Quran and memorize it effectively
  • Spread the word of the Noble Quran to all Muslims around the world.
  • Removal of constraints that limit learning and memorization of the Noble Quran, such as the travel time required to attend physical classes and the absence of an adequate learning atmosphere.

Memorize the Quran on the Online Quran academy website

Memorize Quran online on the Online Quran academy website. Through the section on Memorisation Quran the Holy Quran online, which is one of the sections of the site. It is concerned with Learn Quran with an Online Arabic academy website for beginners. In order to continue to achieve the message of Learn Quran. And facilitate this for Muslims around the world.

, How To Do Hifz aOf The Quran Online?

, How To Do Hifz aOf The Quran Online?

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